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All we need is a power source to connect the vacuum cleaner and an outdoor tap to connect our jet wash.


We do have a battery powered jet wash available if there is no outside tap.

Car Waxing

Bronze valet

Our starter valet package is brilliant for maintaining your vehicle after having either detailing or paint protection or even if your car is in a clean and tidy condition generally.  The package includes:


  • Snow foam pre wash/including wheel cleaner 

  • Body work hand wash and waxed

  • Rinsed

  • Microfibre towel dry 

  • Wheels hand washed/ rinsed/ dried 

  • Door shuts cleaned 

  • Exterior glass and mirrors cleaned 

  • Litter removal 

  • Hoovered thorough the vehicle including mats 

  • Dash/door cards wiped 



Prices (mobile service)

  • £25/30 Small cars 

  • £30/35 Medium/ estate cars

  • £35/40 Luxury/ SUV’s



This depends on the condition of the car, prices may increase.

Polishing Car

Silver valet

The silver valet package include all of the bronze services and adds onto this the following:

  • Tyres dressed 

  • Professional hand polish

  • Door cards/ pedal/ dash/ air vents/ hard surfaces cleaned 

  • Mats hoovered and shampooed ​

  • Interior windows/ glass cleaned 

  • Stain removal

Prices (mobile service)

  • £30/35 Small cars

  • £35/40 Medium/ estate cars

  • £40/45 Luxury/ SUV’s



This depends on the condition of the car, prices may increase.

Sports Car Interior

Gold valet

Our top of the range valet, perfect for if your are selling your car or just want to have it back looking like it did when you first bought it, this valet includes the same services as the silver and adds the following:

  • Exterior body treatment 

  • Tar spots removed 

  • Hand polished and waxed or by machine polisher 

  • Exterior bumper and plastics conditioned

  • Full exterior detail

  • Carpets and upholstery cleaned/ shampooed (Includes, seats, carpets, boot, mats)

  • Full interior detail (including hair dog hair removal etc)

  • Air conditioner applied 

  • Prices (mobile service) 

  • £40/45 Small cars 

  • £50/55 Medium/Estate cars

  • £60/65 Luxury/SUV’s



This also depends on the condition of the car, prices may increase.

Do you feel the paint work needs a little more attention? Go to our detailing page

Image by Patrik Storm (Alstra Pictures)

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